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Babies and Bites is a blog that caters to the family lifestyle. 

Babies and bites is a blog in conjunction with www.sydandrose.com

Our goal is to provide information on topics that pertain to the lifestyle of a family. We will have weekly topics that will hopefully help families with possible questions they may need answers to. We will also provide great tips for increasing the value of your lifestyle together.

Thank you for stopping by…… I hope you enjoy the content presented


My name is Ashley Wilson. I am married to Dennis and we have one rambunctious toddler. For the past four years we have made Charlotte, NC our home.  I am a sports lovin’, toddler chasin’, cookin’, red wine drinkin’ connoisseur that has decided to share it all through my blog Babies+Bites. Our blog is linking a very special community around mothers and the uncertainty of expectations when it comes to parenting, media, food and balance within our everyday lives!


Babies + Bites is a blog by Syd+Rose, our personalization company that creates picture perfect moments through clothing. Babies + Bites is not only an initiative to connect family through personalization, it includes the connection of food and lifestyle. I want Babies+Bites to be a place where you can go to see what your meal plan is for the week, what snacks are going into lunch boxes and what we are putting on the table to feed everyone, rather quickly. Additionally, how we plan to connect with friends and family on Sunday (Game day Sept- Feb!).. Let’s be real…wings are eaten at a commodity even if there are other options. Let’s mix it up!  

As your kids and eventually mine will have sports and extracurricular activities, what do you do and how do you keep them fueled? Is there a family event that is going on and you need ideas on what to bring?  What’s going on around town? Birthday ideas? First world problems? We have it covered.

If any of these themes or topics of conversation concern you, pull up a chair and join in on the conversation!!!!


Always feel free to comment and let us know what topics you are looking to hear about.


Ashley Wilson

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