Family Time..

Oldie but goodie.. Stock up on some side walk chalk. Great for a fun day outside.

Small gardening pots. Get a few items for the kids to plant and grow something. This is great to increase their feeling of responsibility.

Bubbles.. ENOUGH SAID.. Bubbles never get old. Get a good automatic bubble blower. I REPEAT.. AUTOMATIC.. Kids love bubbles, who would have guessed. LOL

Find the nearest zoo and take a weekend trip. If no zoos are close, look for a ranch or pet store.. Anything with animals to enjoy.

Fun for all. Find an arcade like Dave and Busters or Frankies. Something with lots of games for kids and adults.

Aquariums never get old. Search for aquariums in your area and take an adventure everyone will love.

Wine Tasting.. Create a at home wine tasting. Buy a few bottles and test your partners skills.

Video game challenge. If the kids have video games or games on your cell phone. Challenge your partner to see who's better.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED..

Massage Therapy: Pick a night to give each other a back massage. Or if you have a few extra dollars, treat yourself to a professional couples massage. HEY YOU DESERVE IT.

Check out these great gift ideas..



Old Navy..

Old Navy kids sections. Inexpensive gear for the kids this summer.

Adidas Swag..

Adidas has a great sale for that mom that loves to workout, or even lounge around in workout gear.. 

Fossil Tech..

Fossil has great new tech for dad. Check out the smart watch sale.